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grants and prizes

Scholarship scheme

The British Society for Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology Scholarship (referred hereafter as the Scholarship) may be awarded annually. The Scholarship Award may be up to £1,000 p.a. or such sum as the Honorary Treasurer and Council shall determine.


Members of the Society and sponsored non-members are invited to submit proposals to the Scholarship Committee (three members of BSOMP convened for the purpose under the chairmanship of the President) for support to develop their practice of Oral Pathology.


Scholarships will normally be awarded to support study periods in other departments or laboratories to:

  1. Develop specific diagnostic pathology skills

  2. Study specific research techniques or methods.


The awards will, however, be decided by the Scholarship Committee and other proposals may be supported at their discretion.



Proposals can be submitted at any time. Proposals shall not exceed four A4 pages in length and should include:

  • Name of applicant and present post

  • Details of financial support requested - not to exceed 100 words

  • Background to proposal

  • Details of work to be undertaken

  • Reason for support requested

  • Brief curriculum vitae

  • Letter of support from the senior member of the applicant's department, who is a member of the Society

  • The names of two referees, including one from the applicant's school


In the case of a proposed visit to another department, a letter of acceptance from the head of that department will be required.


Applications should be emailed to the Honorary Secretary (rolling scheme with no deadline).


Professor Ali Khurram



There will be no age limit placed upon applicants, but applications from younger workers would be particularly welcomed.

On receipt of applications, the Honorary Secretary will circulate copies to 3 Council members, who will judge the proposals. The group will inform Council of their decision. Council will after consideration announce the outcome at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.


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